How To Compress Picture Size For Email Attachments

Compress Picture Size For Different Purposes

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To Compress Images for different Purposes Like Emailing, Uploading, Posting, Attaching

Steps to be taken to compress an image for different purposes.

Step 1. Make sure the picture which you want to compress is ready in your device.

Step 2. Click browse button and select the picture of type only JPEG, Gif, Png, BMP from your device.

Step 3. Now wait for its uploading, once image is uploaded, it can be compressed (reduce picture size).

Step 4. The photo you selected is shown, headed as original Image with all its attributes like size, photo extension etc.

Step 5. Select compression percentage from the dropdown box named as Auto Compress.

Step 6. Now click the compress button, and it is compressed now and also can be downloaded.

What To Do With The Image After Compression

1. You can send it as an email by attaching it.

2. You can post it on facebook, twitter, linkedin, Locket, etc.

3. You can upload compressed picture in any website, iPhone, Samsung android App, Mac and can insert in Microsoft word Document, paint, power point presentation, excel. Compressed image can have good quality without changing size(dimensions).

4. You can get compressed image of different sizes MB to KB like 10KB, 12KB, 15KB, 20KB, 100KB, below its original size.