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Compress Image is one of the incredible online platform of, that is devised to compress image online. The tool of Compress Image works online and does all the necessary image Compressing in a very accurate way. Besides making the Image Compression accurate it also does it work in a very instant way, thus saving your precious time. This creative tool of Compress Image accepts all the Image Formats, also allowing the users to compress jpeg images in no time. Apart from this the tool also compresses the images that have big and small sizes with different dimensions. While compressing the Image, the platform of Compress Image Size does not alter the Image Dimensions that is Height and Width of an Image. It facilitates you with the real experience of Image editing and you don't need to uses any other medium for compressing your Images. By offering all these creative features the tool has became more attractive and interesting. The domain is also committed to present new features to the tool, in the near future that will make the process more helpful and creative.

Features Of Compress Image

  • The tool is very innovative and user-friendly and is equipped with all the necessary features that will make the process of Image editing a fun job.
  • One of the best feature of Compress Image is that it maintains all the original specifications and does not compromise on its genuineness.
  • The original characteristics like Image Resolution, Texture, and Contrast remain totally unchanged.
  • The interface of the Compress Image is very much attractive and offers a new and unique experience of Compressing an Image.
  • The reason behind developing this tool is save the precious time of its users that they are wasting in other Image Editing Software's.
  • The procedure of Compress Image is very easy and you doesn't need to be an expert for performing this task.

  • How To Use Compress Image

    • Click on the Browse Button that is present at the top of the panel of Compress Image, and upload your Image that you wish to compress. After the Image gets uploaded on our domain all its specifications will also gets displayed in a popup that will comprise of Image Format, Image Size, Image Height and Width.
    • Then go to the Select Compress option and select the desired percentage of Compression from the Dropdown list available. The range of compression is given in percentage and ranges from 10% to 99%.
    • In the Dropdown list of Select Compress their is an option of Auto Compress, you can select that and your Image will be automatically compressed by the tool itself.
    • After selecting the Compress percentage, Click on the Compress Button and your compressed image will gets displayed with preview at the right side of the Panel and will also show the specifications of Image Height, Format, Width, and Size. You can compress gif, jpg, png etc
    • After finishing all these steps, Click on the Download File Here Button and your Image will get download and can save that at your preferred location of the Computer or Mobile Phone device. Usually the process of Downloading starts automatically and in case if it the automatic download fails, then manually Click on the button of Click Here To Download File and save your compressed Image.